February 19, 2011

NOTW: I Like to Mauve It

I like to Mauve it, Mauve it... We like to... Mauve it!!

If I would to name a nail polish of such colour - this would be it.

How's everyone's Friday or Saturday been? The weekend is here and it is bright and sunny sunshine over here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I swear... I sweat merely from breathing and sitting. Ugh.
Apart from that, I guess it's perfect time for those who wants a natural tans but me? Oh goodness, I think it took me too long to finally get back to my natural skin color. Back then I used to be way tanner, like, seriously.
Anyway, enough of me rambling... here's what I have on my nails - I just did them last night.

So this is a Korean nail polish, a random find at a Korean boutique in the city. It was inexpensive so I got it because I was just attracted to the color so much I could not resist. However, mind you, I purchased this many months ago. I just never really use it much... not as much as my MAC In The Buff ... and MAC Brown Bag, some of you out there who knows me personally would know what I mean. Hence I figured I gave it a chance and it's not bad! I've only had this for a day, so we'll see how long this will last.

What I did:

1 - Apply OPI Natural Nail Base Coat

2 - Apply Diana in 1302 Dark Violet (literal meaning of the Korean words there)
(1 coat may be enough for some people, but I wanted it slightly darker or more opaque so I applied 2 coats.

3 - Let it set/dry

4 - Apply Missha nail polish in BE01 - just 1 coat is enough. - I only applied to my ring finger.

5 - Let it set/dry

6 - Apply Seche Vite Top Coat

and you're DONE!

What I think of it...:

- super inexpensive
- may be hard to find
- applies smoothly
- color shows up even with just 1 coat though if a truer color is desired, a 2nd coat may be applied
- brush is easy to manouver
- not streaky
- no funky smell

Liking it so far, I mean, can't beat the fact that this cost way less than a fraction of 1 OPI nail polish here in Australia! And still produce result like such.

SO here's a last look - this time taken outside under the sun and no flash.


lisa said...

your "mauve" it title is so cute and funny!

i really like this color it's gorgeous.

Fifi said...

This color looks pretty on you! I think I have something similar to it, a Revlon one, but I didn't like it on me so I gave it away to a friend. Oh well :/

blushfully by cendana said...

@lisa: ^^ thanks lisa!! i'm liking this color too! =) hehe yeah it reminds me of madagascar! hahaha

@fifi: ^^ thank u fif!! aaw, i have some nail polish colors like that too, i thought they look nice but then i don't like it on my nails!! interesting how that works out! haha