December 31, 2010

Last Post of the year Twenty Ten

I want to leave this world with words
and with such words I shall leave this last year behind
How can I be
How can I do
How can I
end this journey alone without being blue
Such a year
What a year
Time has passed and another is on its way for me to caress
to hold, to touch, to embrace...
Maybe it's time for me to not worry about being misunderstood
Maybe it's time for me to really move towards dreams yet achieved
Proven real
Hidden talents to show
A new year, a new beginning... a new chapter in our lives.
The road is unfinished... paved but cracked and still need amend
... let this be the last post... and may y'all have a
happy new year~!
I'm out~

1 comment:

R. said...

I like how you described the road: paved but cracked. Cheers to 2011, it's a new year .... another chapter in all our lives. Goodluck and I wish you the best.