October 8, 2010

Review in Minute: ModelCo Eyeshadows

A quick & brief review on some eyeshadows I acquired recently... while I was meaning to make another video but my voice has totally been taken over by a frog that's currently living inside my throat. I know, that sounds weird, but that's what it sounds like, right now. My voice has been disappearing and reappearing, it's not very, listeners-friendly. So here I am with "Review in Minute" :) Hopefully this will be a new series, would you guys like that? Short & sweet.
From left: Tahiti #12, Ibiza #13, Miami #10

  • Made in Italy
  • Smooth application
  • Gorgeous shades that you can wear from day to night (individual preferences)
  • Nice medium-buildable-high pigmentation
  • Overall: 4.5/5
    -just because I haven't tested whether they would crease or disappear during the day - I'll update this :)
  • blend easily, I could literally just use my fingers and done
  • stays put, no creasing for 5+ hours =) (but I did use Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath)
Miami #10, Ibiza #13, Tahiti #12

Available at David Jones


Tammy said...

The Miami shade looks nice, thx for the review^^

Gertrude said...

Thx for the review ... and great blog :)