September 29, 2010

September Favourites

The year has gone by so fast, too fast. Did you know? This blog is soon to be 1 year old! Wow. That's how long I've been into makeup, and I must say, it's quite a passion. It's something fun to do... something rather liberating and empowering.
So here I am, at almost the last few days of September... sharing some of my favourite things of the past a month or so.

Note: I purchased them with my own money, none of the products were sponsored or given to me for free. All my reviews are 100% honest, my own and in no way paid for.

Let's get on with it, shall we?
As you can see, there are quite a number of products I've been liking for the past months. A few are actually 2nd chances products (those I gave 2nd chance to, after disliking them in 1st try).

MAC products

Bronzing Powder in Golden
- I think some of you who have followed me for some time, or my friends would remember how much I wanted to get rid of this. I just did not like it one bit, it was too bronze, not pigmented enough, useless, hahaha I didn't think I need it. But look at it now, I use it almost everyday, if I'm not alternating it with my ELF bronzer from Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder.
  • What I use it for?
    Contouring my cheekbones (I need to contour!), jawline, and temples. In days I want to look uber naturale, I'd just extend the line to my cheeks and just use it instead of blush.
Matte Eyeshadow in Corduroy - this is just a plain matte deep brown shade. Not as pigmented or soft as some other MAC eyeshadows but it works. It lasts the whole day too.
What I use it for?
  • I love using this to set my eyeliner and smudge it out to give depth, outlining my eyes. With this, the black eyeliner is not just a plain boring black eyeliner. It has smokes coming out of it, which I'm liking. Because of this method, my eyeliner lasts all day long :) I'm sure you can use other eyeshadow shades to achieve different looks, which is another great tip for those wanting to get different colored liners, but don't want to buy 10 different liners. Just use your pencil or cream liner, and set it with different eyeshadow shade. Wah-lah!
Pro Powder Blush in Cantaloupe - this is it. This is the only shade I need right now. Actually, I think, after this shade, I don't seem to need any other blush shades. Hahahaha... we'll see how long that lasts until I get another blush. But honestly, this is fool proof on me, somehow. I need not worry so much about it not matching or not blending.
I did not know what to expect when I purchase this, as I had only seen the photos and swatches online. There is no MAC pro stores where I live, so I had to purchase it online... and boy, glad I did!!

Charged Water & Fix+
I have these both in the travel sizes (30ml). Charged Water is a refresher spray, and Fix+ is a setting spray. Fix+ is not as amazing as you might think as a setting spray, it's sort of in between a refresher and setting. You would need an actual Fixing Spray at the end, such as Model in a Bottle, Kryolan Fixer, Skindinavia, or Ben Nye.
Anyway, back to the topic of Fix+ and Charged Water... I've only started liking these two very recently, I used to really want to give them away because I thought I have no intention to use them or just did not need them. I gave them 2nd chances. LOL!! Me and 2nd chances products...

So what do I use them for?
You know when you apply foundation... I would spray the Charged Water or Fix+ on to my brush and apply my foundation with my damp brush. Blend blend blend!! :) I have been loving this application and it seems to work with me. Hence I have found a need for these products and I'd definitely repurchase something similar when I run out. Hehhee...

Maybelline NY Unstoppable Eyeliner in Onyx
This eyeliner is meant to be waterproof and smudgeproof. I have not actually tested this swimming but I can say that it does last all day long, especially when I set it with an eyeshadow =) It is easy to use, creamy without being too soft and it does not tug on your skin. A simple matte black eyeliner - a must for every girl.

MaxFactor Aqua Lash Waterproof Mascara in Black
This is my first time trying a MaxFactor mascara and I'm impressed. It leaves a natural full look to my eyelashes without having it too dramatic for everyday wear. I always need the waterproof formula because I find that the non-waterproof never hold the curl. I have the poker straight Asian lashes. This holds the curl and does not smudge or smear and the formula is not too wet (unlike the super wet Maybelline The Colossal Waterproof... ugh).

Smashbox Lipgloss in Production

I've been looking for a lipgloss... the ones I've had so far were either too sticky, too drying, too gooey, or simply make me sick (either because of the smell or the texture). So when I got this at IMATS Sydney, and it is not the full size tube, I thought, why not. It turned out to be nice!! Nice size too. It is a lipgloss without the stickiness and without the weird sickening smell. It glides on effortlessly, and leaves a nice sheen on my lips making them look moisturised and healthy. It has gold sparkles in it but not overpowering. It gives a really smooth shine. I can wear it anyday, anytime. Love it!

Sally Hansen Salon Nail Care Double Life Base & Top Coat
I was looking for a base coat when I stumbled upon this at a discount cosmetics and fragrances store in Brisbane city for only AU$5. Little did I know that this is not too bad! I've only used this as a base coat, though. I still like using my Seche Vite as a top coat :) This is not your usual creamy pink base coat, it goes on clear. It makes my application of any nail polish smooth and lasts for at least a week, but then again, I've been using the Seche Vite top coat, so I bet that's a contributing factor too. Hehehe...

Etude BB Bright Cream Multi Perfect SPF15 with 10% Aloe Vera Extract in #2

I gave BB cream a 2nd chance, and I like it. This one is surprisingly nice. It has a creamy texture with light-medium-buildable coverage. It just looks like skin. It needs time to adjust to your skintone though, so let it sit for a bit before you head out or people might think you've just seen a ghost. ;)

iQQU Red Kabuki

Self explanatory? This is my first short handle Kabuki and I love love love it! It is soft, it is fluffy, it is dense... It gives me a nice finishing touch at the end of my routine. Dust off any excess powder and to blend. It has a nice shape to it and I love you, baby!
Revlon Colorstay for Combination/Oily in Fresh Beige
Even though I actually got this in slightly wrong shade, it has impressed me in its texture and staying power that it has convinced me to want to get the other shades too! I really like its coverage, too. This Fresh Beige is a little too warm, too pink on my face... but still passable... but maybe I should get the Sand Beige next. Hehehe...

RCMA Powder No-Color
It looks white... but when you apply it and blend it... it goes...
Whoa-laahh! No colour!! (*insert smiley faces here*) hehehe...
This is a setting powder and since it has no color, it works for everything and for everyone. I can set my concealer, my blush, my foundation, my eyeshadow even, or my lipstick with this powder. I believe this would work the same as those other brands. Companies such as MAC, Hourglass, Make Up For Ever, Ben Nye... all have the same concept of "invisible" powder. Take your pick :)

Whhhewww, that was quite a post... Maybe it would've been easier as a video... but I miss blogging. LOL! Alright, anyway, what's your current favorites? Any product that you like now after you gave them a 2nd chance? I'm interested to know... :) Feel free to leave a comment.

Till next time, guys!!

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Tammy said...

The iqqu brush look so cute with the red brush head hehe thx for sharing your sept favorites with us! I'm always bouncing around fav products so I can't really remember what my loves for sept were lol