June 11, 2010

LUSH & Priceline Haul

I haven't done a haul in a while... I've been on quite a ban. However, I did purchase some products over the past month or so, and I realise I haven't shared ... Well, I did a bit of a little haul today too... I was feeling really... horrible. A customer pretty much lashed out at me due to some "customer special order" issues and delivery times, how she's not happy with the customer service she's received, and wanted to speak to the head manager or my manager... while I was like the "bridge" between the information and her. Ah!! Let me
not get into it.

Let's just get back to the haul...
Firstly, it's from Lush. They had a
VIP Night "Lush in the City" on the 2nd June in Queens St, Brisbane City. I went. I ended up going home with a bagful of Lush goodies ^^ freebies too! Let me show you...

- Black Pearl Shower Gel (Limited Edition) ~ quickly, this actually smells quite manly, it's sort of like a guy's cologne sort of scent. REfr - Ultimate Shine Solid Shampoo ~ wanted to try it ever since I started using solid shampoo - Karma Komba Solid Shampoo ~ I ran out of my little sample version of this - Ultrabland ~ Makeup Remover (big tub; 100g) ~ I ran out of my smaller tub, it's my current HG Face Makeup Remover, I still use separate remover for my eyes

And and and and, guess what!! The rest were actually free FREE FREE!! Gratis!!
The silver tin for the solid shampoo is free, because I purchased 2. The Oatifix Fresh Mask is free because for any purchase of minimum $50, get a fresh mask for free. Then because I rsvp for the VIP night I received a goodies bag, as you can see those 3 little samples (Sugar Scrub, I Should Coco Soap ~ discontinuing, Vanilla Dee Lite Body Lotion). And and and and and... I also got this giant goodie... (which I doubt I'll use... who knows? But in the meantime, it's just sitting there, scent-ing my bathroom hahaha)

Vanilla Mountain Ballistic
~ a massive mound of vanilla and fizz

Oh the lipgloss/liquid lipstick at the bottom there is from Guerlain. It's a beautiful velvety, matte, Terracotta liquid lipstick. In colour 01.

I popped by Priceline today, I was sort of looking for an alternative to my Lush Eau Roma Water Toner, since mine is running out. So I was walking around in there, and my eyes fell on to Maybelline corner. =.=" My eyes stopped at the Superstay 24Hr Makeup section and saw that they were $3 Off, my hand grabbed a tester (in Nude) and I started testing it on my chest and my cheek. I couldn't tell I had it on! Waahhh what!? I raced back and picked a bottle. I then glanced over to the concealer section, was choosing between the Mineral Liquid Concealer, the Dream Mousse Concealer, and the Superstay 24Hr Concealer. None of them had testers except the Superstay, so I grabbed that too, in the shade Cream, not the lightest Ivory, and not the darker one which I forgot the name of. Hahaha... yeah, it sure has been quite some time since I purchased a drugstore foundation, but hey, the concealer only ended up costing AUD$11.95, and the foundation AUD$18.95.

Haul from today
(The Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Ultra-Foam Cleanser was FREE)

I moved on to skincare section with different sorts of skincare brands, and since I've always wanted to try this toner,
I picked it instead of Natural Instinct Toner, but now I wish I had picked up NI Toner instead.

Dear Mr Dickinson,
I am truly and in my honest opinion, ever so sorry to have to complain to you regarding your best product.
I wish it could be my ultimate Holy Grail toner...

T. N. Dickinson's All Natural Witch Hazel Gentle Toner STINKS!!!!

I MEAN IT!! It smells so unbearable... I have not the slightest idea what smell it is, but oh my goodness, does it have to smell that bad? It reeks like ... I don't know... an off vodka? or tequila mixed with vodka and vomit? It's disgusting. I can't stand it... ='( This could've been a really good toner, except for the disgusting SMELL!!!!! Nooooo...... shall I start wearing a mask or hold my breath every time I apply my toner... ah so sad...

Oh, and I also picked up a 'gentle cleanser' for my temperamental face. At first I thought I'd give Cetaphil a try, but I saw this deal in Neutrogena and since I do like Neutrogena in general (I use their 2 in 1 Cleanser in Spring & Summer) I thought I gave it a try. The Ultra-Foam Cleanser was free!! For every purchase of Neutrogena skincare worth AUD$10 or more.

The days are getting colder, the wind blows upon my face turning my skin cells to raisins. It's winter.
I think once I've worked out my new Winter skincare routine, I shall make a post about it. In the meantime, I'm still trying to work out what works... Gentle Cleanser, more hydrating moisturiser, sunscreen is still a must, I've started using softener (Japanese brand), Lush Aqua Marina, and yeah, I'll get back to you on the skincare routine update.

By the way, IMATS Sydney is held on September 18th-19th this year... at Sydney Convention Hall, Darling Harbour. I have not purchased my tickets yet but I'm set on going for the first time!! ^^ So excited!! Any of you ever attended IMATS anywhere else or in Sydney?? What do you think of it??
I'm eyeing brands such as Yaby, Crown and Royal Brushes, Gorgeous Cosmetics, Make Up For Ever, Tas Merah, Face Atelier, Smashbox, and I'm wondering if MAC Pro stuff will be there, Mac Pro is one of the sponsors after all!! I'm also curious as to how much sales are going to be on... and what the classes are going to be like. They have not updated their website on this for this year. =(

Alright, I should be off to bed. What am I doing this late at night... It's almost 3.30 in the morning and I'm up awake writing my blog!??!?! Dreamland is calling oohooohoooo... I shall try the Maybelline foundation later and see how it holds! I hope it doesn't fail me =.="


*A new collection to my gel eyeliner collection ~ Limited Edition ~
I'll leave you to it... thinking that it's just a plain old boring black. Oh how wrong a first impression could be teeheehee

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yzhuhuong said...

omg, so exciting to see the haul! :) i'm so thankful i'm not working in the city this month :P HAHAH! all the temptations! btw, i've ordered from cosme de com, and cant wait to receive my first NARS product yay! take care girl :)