March 28, 2010

Why I haven't posted much - update

1) My account in Windows has completely messed up itself (due to virus)
2) I still need to reformat my laptop =(
3) Lots of school works to catch up on
4) Laptop webcam quality suckssssss!!! =(
5) Scared to contaminate everything else, I haven't inserted SD card or my iphone with photos, to my laptop... afraid the virus would spread... get transmitted... =_=
6) If I'm not at uni/school, I'm working...
7) I'm still coughing, so am I going to make a video when I keep coughing every minute or two! (If anyone know how to get rid of this stupid itchy throat dry cough that lingers... )

Before I go... I'm just going to share some of my current favourite songs:

* Everything I Own - Bread
* Chances - Five for fighting
* She Is Love - Parachute
* Never Gonna Be Alone - Nickelback
* Wo Bu Pei - Jay Chou
* Before the Morning - Josh Wilson

etc... hehehe

OMG My guitar has just fallen apart... ='( nooooooohhhhh!!! I thought I only needed to replace the 5th string, but when I was removing the strings... the bridge... fell apart... and the wood is so fragile it needs replacing... omg... =( my classical guitar... I don't want it to die... =( I want to play now!!!! But can't... =(

PS: I think I should have started Project 10 Pan sooner... as I am now sort of counting on the items I have finished... lol... I think I shall take note of what I have used up starting from now.

Just the other day I finished my 2nd tube of Missha Eye Makeup Remover. Yay! I love this stuff, I think this actually conditions my lashes too, since I do believe that my lashes seems longer and darker and softer after using this.
Next to be used up is Cyber Colors Eye Makeup Remover... and... I'll get back to you hahaha...


r u s s said...

Don't worry dear, we'll all be here when you're back in the groove. Goodluck with the laptop :)

abby said...

hope your busy schedule will free up sometime. sorry to hear about your guitar and i hope that it does get fixed