March 25, 2010

What I Think of Relationships

Going to be another non-beauty related... just rambling... as I've mentioned, this blog shall be a place where my thoughts come to life (written and read)... I've just been thinking a lot lately... but then again, who doesn't... and I've always been a thinker ==

There are
all sorts of relationships you may encounter in your lifetime. You may experience it or see it happen to others, you may be the actor or the spectator. No matter where we are, there are different kinds of relationships that are commonly mistaken as just plain 'love', but they are not.

Passion love is one that the individuals get 'hot' and 'cold' throughout their times together. When they are feeling 'hot', which is most of the times, they are very much enveloped with a kind of obsession in ways such as kissing, touching, hugging, and just being restless with each other. They get possessive, they feel jealous if the other is walking with someone else or not with them. They get insecure and anxious to get into each other's arms. For what it seems to portray, it sounds very pleasant and satisfying. But for how long? Can this relationships last? Sure... but sadly, majority do not last. This relationships mainly based on lust. This type of relationship tend to be short lived, and normally resulting in one partner not happy with the other as the passion fades.

I am not stating that it is wrong to have such kind of love. It is different to everybody and it is perfectly fine. Everybody views things differently, this is simply to state the general idea of what's out there. I am here to just analyse the kinds of emotions and common situations and perhaps I shall find the kind of relationship I want to be in, along the way... and you might to.

So, there is also one called Companionship Love. This may be viewed as boring to some people, but believe it or not this is the longest lasting kind of relationship. In companionship love, the couples view each other as best friends, friends, companions, nothing over the top with too much sugar and sprinkles on top, and they find comfort in each other... just being with the other person gives them warm, fuzzy feeling in the inside. This is like a saying "home is where the heart is" and I agree. No matter where you are, as long as you are with that person you care about the most, time just slows down and you feel home. However, there might be a downside to this part if the relationship is entirely based on just companionship. It lacks romance and the fire might eventually dies...

Hence, to rekindle the emotions, tickle your fancy with each other again... you need a drizzle of romance every now and then. You see, everything is about balance, at least that's what I think nowadays.

Romance Love
is one that I think should be mixed in with Companionship Love, then you would get the perfect kind of love. That's why there are flowers, and sprinkles of petals, walking along the beach under the moonlight... or watching the ocean with his arms around you as your heart beats alongside his... the sweet messages he leaves for you... or the surprises he gives you... how he always manages to make your heart skips a beat... or your knees go weak. Or maybe, if he plays an acoustic piece he wrote just for you... aah, in this case, it's most likely going to be me instead who plays a song for him...

A drizzle of romance in a concrete comfort you find with each other is the kind of relationship I think I'm looking for. Maybe I shall change the 'drizzle' to 'shower' hahaha... I'm a romantic hahaha... A blend of spices such as comfort, security, closeness, partnership, understanding, thoughtfulness, chemistry, connection, interests, balance... caring without being possessive or clingey... affectionate without being creepy... a touch of shyness but still confident and to hold my hand and lead the way... and to say that I am his or he is mine... a definite... not a mere uncertainty. To hold me in times I feel down, and to cuddle to when watching movies... and to talk about all kinds of things and to share moments of life...

Ok, I can go on but oh gosh I really should not... leave it till another day.

Now, comment time... it's your turn to give your opinions... now, now, no hate comments, please... blogs aren't the place to hate.

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