March 10, 2010

Speedy Bag, How Do I Love Thee, Let Me Count the Ways...

Hahahaha, I'll tell you something first, this idea came up when I spotted a BVLGARI bag, with its monogram print, and top handles, leather, beautiful finish... and I wanted it but I thought, I might find one in Singapore and get it there, but I didn't find it and now it's not there anymore. But either way, that bag has made it to my wishlist hahaha... and now, I found this article on this girl's blog @ allwomenstalk and I'd like to share it with you all... since I agree to these reasons HHAHAAHA

Note: photos are taken from allwomenstalk , I neither wish nor attempt to plagiarize, I just wish to share this interesting article with all of you.

So why oh why would I want a Speedy Bag?

1) It's a Classic

Oh yes it is!! You can see people carrying this for decades ago and decades in the future. It's a timeless piece! And I, I do love timeless piece. Something you can carry now and does not go out of fashion. Aah, speedy bag... how I love thee... till death do us part.

2) You can choose its size

You can get this in 4 different sizes: 25, 30, 35, 40
I think I'd go for either 30 or 25... 30 is so multi functional, and those who know me know I love multi functionality and 25, well, I think it's cute. Hahaha... plus, for parties and such, a smaller bag would be perfect. Doesn't want to look like you're ready to elope with Speedy 40 during cocktail parties lol...
You can see more detailed about Speedy Bag 30 HERE

3) Goes with everything

Adriana Lima to French Vogue

Yeap, indeed. This bag is meant for travelling, shopping, everything, from jeans, to cocktail dresses, but I think, if cocktail dresses or gowns were to be the theme/scene, I'd go for a nice clutch or a small speedy 25, yeah? ;)

4) Its materials
It is made of the signature LV monogram canvas and calf skin. It is extremely durable. It is lightweight, supple, strong and sturdy (as LV said). It is also waterproof, and you can't scratch it. Oh and also, the fact that it looks even better as it ages, makes me want it even more! That rugged, darker handles... ahhh sexy! hehehe...
See why this is perfect for any occasion ;)

5) Perfect For Travelling

I know I've briefly mentioned this before, but it is indeed perfect for travelling. I mean, after all those long hours of flight, this bag would somehow make you look refreshed and still stylish hahaha...

6) Value for money

If you think about it straight up, you might be "OMG!! That's a price for 1 bag?!" But hey, if you think about how long this bag would last you... a lifetime, I would say. Then it's quite a worthwhile investment, no? Some bags costs a lot more while they are only fashion bags, not quite the classic all-time, all-rounder bag like this one.

Well, now, I know this bag isn't for everybody. But for me, I like the shape of it, that rounded top with top handle and it keeps its shape, and just an all rounder kind of bag for me. When I finally get one, I'm actually not even sure whether to get an LV or another brand, such as Bvlgari, 'cause I like Bvlgari too... or maybe a Ferragamo? We'll see... I'm not too concerned with it being LV. I probably prefer the Bvlgari design/print... Hahaha... but anyway,

Do let me know what is your favourite bag of all time? Or maybe if you're thinking of purchasing a bag? No need for hatred comments, now, everyone has their own opinions on things, and as I have mentioned, this bag isn't for everybody and even I'm not too crazed about having LV. I like the Speedy Bag because of its shape, its versatility, and its colour... but that's me, now what about you?



yzhuhuong said...

i wanna have a hermes birkin/kelly next time when i can afford it! :) posh style :P

Jess said...

I'm so lemming for a Speedy myself. But in a larger version (for weekend traveling usage), and maybe not in Monogram, but in Damier. ;)

DANA said...

Hi Jess! Yes, Damier is so nice, I was actually looking at the Damier in white/grey... aah nice! It costs around AUD940 for a 30, and AUD970 for 35, I wonder how much is it over there where you live? I'm actually still after that Bvlgari one I love hahaha, I'm hoping it'll come out again in season =( pray pray haha