March 7, 2010

A Piece of Pieces of Me this Month of March 2010

Taken from Toothfairy's blog:
This game is to share a piece of you, every month. That way, you and your readers can see what's happening in your life, including the changes. I.E. one month, you might love chocolate, a few months later you've might come to hate it. It's also to remind ourselves of people you love and the plans you have.

So for this month... the first day back from my trip to Singapore

I like: shopping in Singapore... it has been an awesome one. Meeting up old friends =) oh and my new makeup collection... and the sound of the waves at the beach.. in the middle of the night

I don't like: ITCHY THROAT and Coughs you can't control and wakes you up everytime... ='(

I want you to know: that I'm back in Brisbane, Australia... and debating whether to start making videos...

I've planned: to have an even better year this year!! woohh yeah!

I want to say to someone special: that I'm missing you... over 6000kms across the sea


Anonymous said...

RYC: Aw, babe I feel you on that! If you ever need to talk/vent/rant, I'm here :)

Anonymous said...

Urgh, forgot I was gonna ask you...where is your man going?