March 10, 2010

I know......

It sure has been awhile since I last updated!! I am so so sorry, there are so many things overdue... but I thought I just pop in at this hour, it's almost 1 in the morning... and I thought I just update a little bit of what's been happening and what I plan on doing or what not or what yes.

I'm back in Brisbane from 2 weeks in Singapore. I must say it has been quite a 2 weeks I treasure. I got sick quite early in the week however, which really irritated me because it then turned to be a disasterous frog voice and coughing fit and itchy throat ... and I'm yet to recover from the itchy throat and dry chesty cough. Gah!

I'm in process of making my first ever video. Yes, (blushes) first ever video... It would most likely be on my recent massive hauls, which I shall split to a couple or different videos to allow me to talk about the products I purchased. It would be split to:
- Sephora Haul
- Shoes Haul
- Haul #2 (Sasa, Other random hauls)
- Haul #3 (The Face Shop, The Body Shop)
Unless I can squeeze #2 and #3 to 1 video .. ..
And uhm, I'm also thinking of maybe doing a Favourites Video? Or I might leave it till the end of this month and do a March Favourites.

I'm quite overdue to review the SkinMD Shielding Lotion, that I was sent by the company sometime in January. Maybe I'll just write about it or maybe a video, I'll see which I have time for.

Yeah, another thing is that uni semester has started, and I'm yet to catch up some lectures I missed last week since I was still in Singapore. And also, I've just recently transferred to a different department store and instead of being a casual now I'm a part-timer, which means more set hours. This year will be so busy!! I'll make sure I can make it through to the end and let's do this, girl!! Hahaha...

Alright, so I should really go to sleep... Omg, it's almost 2.30AM... Yeap, *coughing fit starts*

Goodnight!! Talk to you all soon...


Kym said...

eeeek i hope you recover soon but i'm sure you had tons of fun regardless while you were there! :)

i <3 domo!!!

can't wait to read more from your blog :)

abby said...

its my first time on your site and i must say i love it :) expect me here much more often and i cant wait to see your vid!