January 10, 2010

Latest Lushcious Lushes

NOTE: This is a haul...

Wellll, my relationship with Lush is still new but I must say it's growing exponentially... I just have an insatiable crave to try more and more! So here are my latest Lush haul that accumulated over 2 visits to the store. Also, from these visits, I discovered that they do "samples" !! Excellent!! ;)

First visit,

I discovered that Lush was having a special, "buy 1 of their New for '10 products (selected), get 5 free samples" so I immediately got interested and asked about what are the products I could choose from. Here's the list of the choices I had:
*Oatifix (Fresh Face Mask) - AUD$15.95 (1 tub of 75g)
*Sugar Scrub - AUD$6.50ea
*Grease Lightning - AUD$13.50 (1 small bottle of 45g)
*Q10 Toner Tab - AUD$1.95ea
*Hair Doctor (Hair Moisturiser) - AUD$14.50 (100g tub)
*Vanilla in the Mist (Solid Soap) - AUD$7.95 per 100g
*Coco Lotion (Hand & Body Lotion) - AUD$22.95 (225g big tub)
*Volcano (foot mask) - AUD$19.95 (a big tub of 250g)
*Strawberry Feels Forever (Massage Bar) - AUD$13.50ea
*None of Your Beeswax (Lip Balm) - AUD$9.95 (1 silver pot of 10g)

And the 5 free samples you will get are:
*A little chunk of Vanilla in the Mist soap
*Q10 Toner Tab
*A tiny mini version of Strawberry Feels Forever massage bar
*15g Coco Lotion in a cute little jar
*About 1/3 of Sugar Scrub

I was so close to purchasing the Oatifix Face Mask, but the SA told me it's meant for dry, dry skin and it would be toooo moisturising and toooo thick for my combination/oily skin! So it's a No No ... and as I was just about to walk out empty handed, I spotted the soaps and then the Sugar Scrub and got taken by it, and ended up with a Sugar Scrub!! Hehehe...

And so I came home with these freebies too!
The SA was really nice and gave me 2 free samples of face moisturisers: Gorgeous AUD$99.95 (so expensive!!) & Enzymion AUD$36.95 those are the ones she recommended to me. ;)

Second visit,

I came in thinking of getting the bigger size of Vanilla in the Mist soap. I really loved it after using up the sample from the freebies pack I got from my previous visit. So I got myself a bigger bar, around 100+g worth first and I got more freebies... and I also bought Aqua Marina Cleanser since I needed a daily cleanser so as not to use Dark Angels everyday... and I also bought Breath of Fresh Air Toner because my Eau Roma Water was really close to empty (I quite like it so far).

This time, the SA recommended Imperialis face moisturiser for my combination skin, and she gave me a sample of it ;) so I shall check that out.

Interesting thing though, I didn't get a Sugar Scrub in the freebie pack this time, I received a block of Noubar soap instead!! Omg I wanted to try it but was not sure of getting a big chunk of it, now I get the chance to test it out first! Yay!!

Well... that's it so far. My relationship with Lush won't stop here. I can see Dark Angels will be a long term relationship... and highly likely the face moisturiser too... and I'm sticking to this toner for now too... and the soap is just so enjoyable in the shower... omg hahaha...

Lastly, I kept forgetting to post this!! I wore this just on Christmas...
Alrighty, I should go to sleep. I have work tomorrow morning! I shall not be late! Catch you all later! ;)

So, what have you purchased from Lush recently? Any favourite? Any recommendation that I should try? ^^


Tammy said...

Wow that's a lot of samples! I've never bought anything from Lush even though we've had a store here where I live for years. Hope you do a review soon on your goodies :)

coffretgorge said...

that sugar scrub looks really nice! how is it? my fave lush soap is honey i washed the kids, i just love how it smells! :) cute nails btw! :)

DANA said...

Hi Tammy! Yeah, I never thought I would get so many samples from Lush! I am even surprised at how much I like Lush now! I used to loathe that store, I would just walk pass it without a second thought, now I can't help but to enter it and itching to get at least 1 item hahaha everytime I pass it. I am now officially a Lush fan, as of 2 months ago hahaha

Hi Georgina! Yeah, I'm impressed with the sugar scrub, I must say it is now in my essential items list hahaha... I just love the softness of my skin after I use it. Ooh I haven't tried HIWTK yet, but I think Vanilla in The Mist has similar scent to it, due to the Honey content I think. ;)