January 12, 2010

January's Collective Swatches

Note: All products were bought by me, these reviews are not paid reviews, just my honest opinions based on my own opinions.

There will be a number of products I will show swatches of, so this post would bear the warning "PHOTOS HEAVY - BEWARE" hehehe...

Product list:
*Pure Luxe Eyeshadows (Samples)
*Scott Barnes Loose Powder in Sand
*Scott Barnes Loose Powder in Translucent
*Elizabeth Arden Color Intrigue Gel Eyeliner in Brown
*Everyday Minerals Base Foundation Shades
*Sportsgirl Loose Shimmer Eyeshadows

So let's get to it!

First up is ... *drum roll*

As you can see, EA's brush allowed me to make different kinds of lines, small precise line, big smudgey one... whichever you feel like it, this gel eyeliner is quite easy to apply and easy to blend. I got this at a really really bargain price so I just bought it anyway and while I had no idea what to expect I end up happy with it =)

These two Scott Barnes (SB) products are my first SB products. I've heard raves about his products and when I saw these loose powders at such a cheap price in strawberrynet.com post xmas/new year sale, I thought I gave it a go and bought the two. Both blends quite nicely on my skin, only difference is that Sand has finely milled shimmer in the powder, while Translucent is matte and no shimmer at all. Both are really smooth, really finely milled, overall... I like it.

Next..... *drum roll*
Everyday Minerals
Yeap, I swatched them on a piece of A4 white paper to really see the difference... and if you don't see what I mean, they are really really hard to tell if you just see the loose powder in the sample jar. (NS = Not suitable = Colors that I have samples of, but do not match my skin at all)

Here is now a swatch in natural sunlight...

Unblended - I literally just smudged some on my skin...


here's blended

Now, you see what I mean by... I'm having trouble finding my shade? I can't have ALL the shades... or if I mix and match them, it doesn't make that much difference anyway! Hahaha...
I'm thinking, maybe I shall just get Light Medium & Buttered Tan... >< style="text-align: center;">Pure Luxe Eyeshadow Samples
This was my first Pure Luxe purchase and I'm impressed by their range of colours!! I'm now waiting for my 2nd order from them =) They had a New Year Sale, so I made a purchase and hopefully I'll be receiving it by next week... Yayyy

These loose powder eyeshadow are easy to apply, pigmented, really soft, but you have to be careful of the fall outs, as they are "loose" powder.

Well!! That was quite a collection of swatch of the month hahaha... But wait, one last swatch
I promised awhile ago that I would at least talk about Sportsgirl Cosmetics range, which quite impressed me only recently. Well, here's a swatch of their Shimmer Eyeshadow that I got when they had a sale before Christmas.
Sad, the photo doesn't do these eyeshadow justice as to how they look in real life. They're quite pretty in real life, I really like them. They're quite nicely pigmented and blends really well, application is easy, no worries! The reason I didn't name them on the photo is because I didn't want to make false representation of them, as they do not have names themselves. I do name them myself, however, and place a label on each of the jar, but I don't want to confuse you with the names I've given them, so I shall leave it to your imagination what you would like to name them ;) If you're interested though, do leave me a comment and I shall let you know what I've named each of them.

Alrighty! I shall leave it here...

Question time: What is your Everyday Minerals shade (If you use edm)? Have you tried Pure Luxe? What other Minerals Makeup brands are you happy with? ^^ Leave me a comment!


Salmon (medium) with Greek Salad ^^
@ Jojo's, Queens St, Brisbane


em said...

so many swatches, that must have taken you ages!

to answer your question, I hate mineral makeup! it always breaks me out :(

DANA said...

awww, em, to be honest with you, everyday minerals is the first brand of mmu that i'm impressed with. i've tested a few others and i wasn't impressed at all. it's amazing how different everyone is. =)

Toothfairy said...

I don't use mineral make up, and I've heard they can cause break outs! while they actually shouldn't right, because they're supposed not to clot the pores or something. Anyway, I'm not eager to try, besides, I rarely use foundation anyway...


DANA said...

Hi Shirley! Aaw, I guess I'm pretty lucky they didn't break me out! I have heard that some people break out from them, and some people break out from MAC etc, so hahaha I still have to be cautious cause I get break outs easily! And I wear foundation often these days lol ;)

Tammy said...

I don't really use mineral makeup but I have heard mixed reviews about them.

MMM food porn!